Packing Your Belongings For a House Move

The excitement of moving house soon gets replaced by a feeling of dread as you contemplate the chore of packing. However it really doesn’t need to be so difficult, as there are many ways that, while it will never be a pleasure, can certainly make it easier, both for the packing and unpacking. It is the perfect time to have a clear-out; if you no longer use it or wear it, then either take it to a charity shop or a car boot sale, the proceeds could contribute towards the move. Be ruthless as unnecessary items take up a lot of space and make for extra work.

Packing Yourself or Getting In the ProfessionalsMany people, especially those that are busy working or simply don’t have the time, will opt for a fully insured removal company to pack for them. This has several advantages, the obvious ones being that it takes the strain away from you and your family and you do not have to pay out for boxes and packing material that you will either have to store or throw away afterwards.They will provide the labour, packing boxes and all the necessary packaging material to prevent your items getting broken. You will also feel safe in the knowledge that if something does break or get damaged, the removal company will pay through their insurance; self-packed boxes are normally not covered by the removal company’s policy. However there may be certain items that you prefer to pack yourself – just let the removal company know and they will provide you with the boxes, etc. Self-Packing – Get It Right

Ask your removal company if they are able to sell you boxes, packaging materials and tape, as very often their prices are very reasonable. Be sure to have a good supply of wide-tipped black marker pens – essential for writing on the cartons and work out a system so that all the contents of each box will belong to the same room on arrival at your new property.

Fragile items should go into the same boxes and not be mixed with other hard objects. They should be protected well with bubble wrap and tissue paper – do not use newspaper unless you want to spend hours cleaning ink off later – ensuring that they will not move around and that the box is not too heavy to lift easily. When it is full, seal the top and bottom securely and write on the top in large letters ‘fragile’ and the room that the box should go into. Every box that you pack should be be well sealed to prevent accidents and marked as to which room it should go; this will simplify unpacking later.

Sensible Packing

Start packing early as there is nothing worse than a last minute rush. Put heavy items into smaller boxes as this will make them easier to carry and if you have children, encourage them to pack their own toys and clothes as this will keep them involved in the move. It is a good idea to pack clothes and toiletries into suitcases, they have to be transported anyway and it makes items that you will need quickly more accessible. Knives should have their blades carefully wrapped, as they can cause injury or damage to the packing boxes. One carton which must be packed with diligence and taken in the car on moving day should contain enough mugs for everyone involved in the removal, tea bags, coffee, sugar, milk, teaspoons and the all important kettle. You might also want to include packets of biscuits or cake, which will be welcomed by all.

If you have any highly polished or antique furniture, this will require particular care and extra protection, which will include the legs. Pictures and photos, with or without glass, should be completely covered in several layers of bubble wrap. If you are unsure how to pack anything precious, take advice from your removal company or ask them to pack these items for you.

Handy Tips

Consider the time of day that you will be arriving at your new home and how long it will take to unload the lorry before you can start getting organised. Make sure that the beds are the first to be put together and made up with bed linen as there is nothing worse than trying to do this at the end of a long and tiring day, when all you want to do is sleep.

On arrival – put the kettle on! (and offer a cup of tea to your hard working removers!)