Who we are

DB moves have been providing Worthing removals services for years. Since we’ve worked here for so long, we have plenty of local knowledge. Our aim is to ensure that when you work with us, you’ll be receiving a stress-free experience.

Moving house is never an enjoyable process, with so many different things which need to be remembered and organised. You don’t want to have to worry about every little part of the process. Leave it to us at DB Moves, we will ensure your possessions are treated with the respect and care they deserve while we get them to their new location.

By selecting us to do your move, you’ve got the confidence knowing that this is no longer a matter that you need to worry about.

Before moving

Before we are able to cater for all your moving requirements, we need to understand your worthing removals needs. This generally involves arranging a visit to allow us to discuss your requirements in full. After listening to everything you need, we can also see what specialist equipment required for this job (Such as large, bulky items, you would be surprised what we have moved!). Since each move is unique, we want to make sure we get it right the first time. This is also why we have multiple services available for you to choose from.

We are then able to provide you with a free, written quote with no strings attached. This gives you the ability to take your time to make sure the offer is fair and accurate, and to allow you time to consider your other options before you proceed.

On the day

On the day agreed for the move, DB Moves will meet you at the collection location on time as we don’t like being late. Relax, knowing that we have all the tools and equipment on hand to move everything so that you shan’t experience any unexpected delays. You’ll be glad to know that we’re fully insured, meaning that if the worst does happen, you would be compensated for your loss.


We have quite a few different types of services available. This is to make sure that DB Moves can cover a wide variety of moves which you may not have considered in advance. For example, our Deluxe Move will ensure that the bulk of all the work is done for you. We’ll arrive at your property, safely wrap your possessions before packing them, and then move them to their new destination.

Our default service is a standard move. Relocating your possessions from your original home to your new one. You will need to pack everything so that it’s ready to be moved.

We also have the ability to transfer your goods to a storage facility for an indefinite amount of time if this is required. Talk to us in advance about this though as pricing may vary depending on what requires storage.